West and Rhode River
Enterococci cfu/100 ml

Summer 2017

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Total over 104:10003500020000
Notes:-- = no sample taken.
Notes:Yellow: warning, above 104; orange: high, above 158; red: dangerously high, over 1000

5/31/2017No sample taken at B14.

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Map showing Rhode River sampling sites [B1-B8] Map showing West River sampling sites [B9-B15]

ID Site Name Lat Long Body of Water Where to Measure
B1 High Island 38.8840 -76.5290 Rhode River Near sign on the south side of sandbar
B2 Cloverlea Community Beach 38.8777 -76.5167 Rhode River Off the beach no shallower than 2 feet
B3 Camp Letts 38.8875 -76.5292 Rhode River Off the dock south of sailboat moorings
B4 Whitemarsh Community Dock and Beach 38.8958 -76.5220 Whitemarch Creek Off the end of the dock
B5 Riverclub Community Dock and Beach 38.9005 -76.5292 Bear Neck Creek Off the end of the dock
B6 Holly Hills 38.9008 -76.5275 Bear Neck Creek Off the end of the dock
B7 Cadle Creek Community Dock 38.8820 -76.5108 Cadle Creek Off the end of the dock
B8 Deep Beach / Rhode River Cove #1 38.8727 -76.5227 Rhode River On southern side of the cove near beach

B9 West River Sailing Club 38.8452 -76.5378 Tenthouse Creek North of swimming pool at marina
B10 Westelee 38.8367 -76.5273 South Creek Off the end of the Crenshaw dock
B11 Avalon Shores 38.8357 -76.5253 South Creek just outside the swimming area pilings
B12 West River Center / Methodist Summer Camp 38.8325 -76.5433 West River Off the end of dock / near moorings
B13 Galesville Pier 38.8423 -76.5390 West River Just off county dock
B14 Parrish Creek #1 Marker 38.8518 -76.5065 Parrish Creek In close vicinity of the #1 marker
B15 Columbia Beach 38.8209 -76.4966 open bay community dock